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Everything. Different. Patient conferences.

The ABCs of conference organisation has been our daily bread for years. The organisational and scientific side is not enough for us. We are looking for a challenge. The human challenge. Conferences for patients, affected persons and relatives are always one-of-a-kind. In addition to legal requirements, it is really the human needs that make the planning and implementation of a patient-oriented meeting so special.

Whether you already have a solid plan or just an idea, interface organises everything for conferences for patients and relatives, from the evening program to the speakers to ensuring cohesion. Our goal is not only to advance research, but also to strengthen public interest. It is also our personal goal to give affected persons the strength to go

on and to bring them together with people in the same situation.

We are always thinking one step ahead, we often work behind the scenes, but we are always in the right spot at the right time. Cost-efficiency and scheduling are just as important as humanity and trust. That is why we take into account any special requirement that a patient conference entails. We have supposed "little things" in mind as well as the special needs of conference participants and the great success to be found in human encounters and shared experiences.

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Conference agency -

Thanks to our passion for perfection and the highest level of quality, we have been successful as a professional conference organizer (PCO) for many years.
Good relationships with sponsors, speakers, organizers, etc. and the necessary sensitivity for the particularities of each event are our most important core competencies. We are always thinking one step ahead, we often work behind the scenes, but we are always there at the right place at the right time. Cost-efficiency and scheduling are just as important as humanity and trust.

Of course, our employees are tested and certified in accordance with the code of the FSA (German Association for Voluntary Self-Regulation of Pharmaceutical Companies).

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Medical conferences for patients and affected persons

Whether tuberculosis, depression, cystic fibrosis, visual impairment or rare chronic diseases: patient conferences are ideal events to inform, to present the issue to the public, promote research and, above all, to bring together affected persons and their families with people in a similar situation.

Patient conferences - individual requirements

As unique as each participant is, every conference has its individual requirements. We rise to this challenge and make patient conferences into successful events by putting special focus on the details and, at the same time, not losing sight of the big picture.

Medical meetings for patients and their relatives

The result of our many years of work are not only patient conferences. We also organise gatherings of patients, scientists and relatives which, in addition to many informative aspects, also offer the space for interpersonal encounters and scientific exchange.
For us, professional organisation and participant management in advance and personal on-site support go without saying. We have fulfilled our quality standards if the event results in long-lasting success. That is why also place great value on humanity, personal experience and intuition.
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Patient conferences: our services

Hotel & location research

  • Personal needs analysis
  • Schedule coordination
  • Bid solicitation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Hotel & location management
  • Pre-event visits
  • Quota administration
  • Handling of cancellations

Participants management

  • Personal needs analysis
  • Handling of participants (enrolments, conference registration, hotel reservation, travel documents, reminders, phone consulting, participant lists)
  • Travel management (arrival/departure, transfer organisation, travel expenses)
  • Speaker handling
  • On-site conference documents
  • Certifications
  • Participant confirmations/participant certificates
  • Evaluations
  • Assessments

Congress Management

  • Congress organisers
  • Congress organisation
  • Registration desk
  • Conference documents
  • Conference homepage
  • Event technology
  • Industrial exhibitions
  • Poster exhibitions
  • Exhibitor management (including exhibitor acquisition, exhibitor support)
  • Sponsor management (including sponsor acquisition, sponsor support)
  • Abstract handling (call for papers)

On-Site Management

  • Organisational structure
  • Support of participants, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors
  • Transfer coordination
  • Hospitality desk/service counter
  • Coordination of all service providers
  • Technical support
  • Pick-up of conference documents

Framework programme

  • Concept development
  • Social events (welcome reception, get-together)
  • Recreational trips
  • Evening events


  • Bid solicitation
  • Professional planning and execution
  • Budget planning, monitoring and reporting
  • Contract negotiations
  • Logistics management
  • Documentation, evaluation, statistics
  • Invoicing
  • Feedback interview

Conference agency - one stop service

For us, the needs of conference participants and the speakers come first. This is why we shape the events to be full of personal contacts and discussions, as well as professional exchange between doctors, patients, relatives, etc.

As a professional agency for patient-oriented conferences, we take over the entire organisation from A to Z. First we create a personal needs analysis and a balanced strategy so that all eventualities and particularities are taken into account - down to the last detail. In addition to basic services such as participant management, hotel reservations, invitations, framework programs or cost and time planning, we think and go one step further. With personal support, empathy, love of detail and foresight, we add something special to our daily services. This is how we create space for scientific exchange, but also for human encounters.

We would be pleased to discuss what we can do for you so that your patient-oriented conference is a moving event.